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태국 부동산: 파타야 집, 3 칸 수, 205 편방미터, 4.790.000 바트
D Sign Homes - 집
3 칸 수, 면적 205 편방미터
4.790.000 바트
태국 부동산: 파타야 스튜디오, 0 칸 수, 32 편방미터, 940.000 바트
View Talay 1
스튜디오, 면적 32 편방미터
층 - 3
940.000 바트
태국 부동산: 파타야 스튜디오, 0 칸 수, 22.5 편방미터, 999.000 바트
Laguna Beach 3 The Maldives
스튜디오, 면적 22.5 편방미터
999.000 바트
태국 부동산: 파타야 스튜디오, 0 칸 수, 24 편방미터, 999.000 바트
Laguna Beach Jomtien 2
스튜디오, 면적 24 편방미터
층 - 1
999.000 바트
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파타야 태국
Our partner, Legal consultations & Accounting office
ThеМаsterThаiLawOffice Co.Ltd.
please contact our lawyers via email
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We offer support and enrollment into Thai Elite program - perfect opportunity to live in Thailand with no need for visa or visa`s extension. After enrolling to Thai Elite you will have no limitations for staying and living in the Kingdom for the period from 5 to 20 years. Participation starts from 50.000 per year. This is absolutely official and legal way to live in Thailand. For more information please contact us.


Company registration with 1 mln THB capital 24.000
Company registration with 2 mln THB capital 30.000
Change any details of company (excluded government fees) 7.000
Work permit 28.000
Change any details of work permit 10.000
Change any visa to NON-B visa 21.000
One Year extention of NON-B visa 11.000
Transfer Land/House/Condo at Land Office 12.000
Restaurant License 7.000
Tour License 7.000
Retirement visa for 1 year 30.000
Thai Elite program - living for the period from 5 to 20 yearsfrom 50.000 per year
Last Will (Thai-English) 7.000
Drafting any conract 12.000
Checking any contract (before signing) 4.000
Legal consulting 1.500
Monthly Accounting and Tax service (start from) 4.500
Annual balance (sleeping company) 14.000
Annual balance (working company) 18.000
Court case processing Contact us

Law Visa Accounting Services in Pattaya

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15 Jun 2021
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